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My Experience

Mar 2019 - Present
The Chat Shop
Software Engineer (Remote)
  • Full stack development using Node.JS, ReactJS/Redux and GraphQL.
  • Developed and published an In-Chat Payment system with a major European Payments Platform.
  • Delivered chat plugins that greatly improved customer engagement and increased leads.
  • Integrated a major eCommerce platform into chat which drastically improved KPIs.
  • Wrote a significant portion of code foundation, allowing the team to reuse and rapidly iterate features.
Jan 2018 - Dec 2021
Intelligent Systems & Software Engineering Labgroup
Research Associate
  • Took part in plenty of research projects that focused on open government data, mobile technology, public services provision, sustainable energy assets and others.
  • Developed a hybrid mobile app that provides online health services.
  • Delivered a platform and interactive guidebook which aids co-creation processes.
  • Engineered a mobile application for the needs of an electric energy Residential Information System.
Jan 2016 - Jan 2021
Freelance Software Developer
  • Delivered numerous full-stack projects using Node, React and MongoDB.
  • Development of various cross-platform desktop applications using Electron.
  • Developed “useReq” platform that aids in project requirements elicitation and is actively used by hundreds of engineering students in the university.


My Qualification

2012 - 2018
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
Diploma/MEng Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Degree programme equivalent to Master's degree (ECTS 308.0)
  • Diploma Thesis: "Continuous User Authentication in Web Applications through Behavioral Biometrics"
  • Core Courses: Algorithms, Data Structures, Databases, Machine Learning, Parallel/Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics
2009 - 2012
6th General Unified Lyceum of Heraklion
High School Diploma