Apr 10, 2021

Welcome to my Blog

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Hey you!

My name is Tasos, and this is my first ever blog post - so please excuse my verbiage. 😇

Let's start by telling you a bit about myself and how I started this journey of software engineering and programming.

How it started

I was always passionate about applied sciences and especially Mathematics and this is why I began my studies at the Electrical & Computer Engineer Department of the Aristotle University of Greece. That particular department covers a pretty wide range of electrical & computer related sciences and offers a great variety of courses; anything that you can think of like mathematics (calculus, algebra, differential equations etc), electric/digital circuits, electromagnetic theory, software/hardware engineering, signal processing... you name it!

To be honest, it isn't always good when a program of studies and courses has that wide of a spectrum as you are definitely going to feel a bit lost somewhere in the process. On the other side, when you taste and learn from all that different courses you've got the chance to actually find out what you like more and want to pursue in your life, either academically or professionaly speaking.


Post-graduation and next steps

Right after completing my thesis titled "Continuous User Authentication in Web Applications through Behavioral Biometrics" (you can read the abstract here), I was offered a job at the Intelligent Systems & Software Engineering Labgroup of AUTH, to work as a full stack engineer & researcher. There I had the chance to be involved in many international and local projects. Fast forward to today, and I'm a Software Engineer working remotely for TheChatShop, building cool web apps that help make the customer's journey in a website incredible!

My hobbies


My main hobbies are lifting weights and playing football. Regarding lifting weigths, well... I love lifting weights! I believe that weight lifting is incredible for one's health as it not only helps in maintaning a nice and strong body but also aids in improving body posture & sleep, gaining bone density, maintaning weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation and in many many other areas!

It was nice chatting with you my friend! See you at a following blog post! 😀

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